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Success Story #3       

Fastener related products are typically hi-volume and lower margins. Added profitability can be derived with higher
volume but declining margins and contributions. Equipment can be over-taxed and strained to obtain higher output but with little to no availability for equipment rebuild and/or upgrading. Our scope was to assist in developing
greater profitability as well as higher sales dollars.
Not one goal at the expense of another. Accomplishing these two goals meant undergoing a complete change in perspective and culture at our client internally and externally in
the field. This exciting case translated into the: identification of newer and more profitable markets; RFQ systems analysis with value identification; comprehensive field training with newer more modern sales teams identified and
put into place
; and validating the success along with the continued drive to meet the two goals of greater profits and sales.

Success Story #2

A CNC Machining and Assembly House had recently achieved AS certification but was unsure of the potential market that might exist in their region. Our original discussions were related to a typical Principal/Representative relationship, but as we continued to understand the needs of the manufacturer it became clear that they needed a broader approach. It was mutually decided that the YMR approach was best. We jointly developed a structured plan to determine what business/account  opportunities existed in the region as well as began a process of evaluating current business opportunities that were already secured. As a result of this thorough evaluation, the manufacturer was able to put a long-term plan in place relative to market scope and eventually market approach.   ​

Success Story #1

Younginer Marketing Resources developed and implement a sales and marketing plan for a $35MM high
performance manufacturing company that was looking to increase sales and profitability.The sales for the
previous five years was stagnant and the company had one current customer that was over 70% of the company sales.Younginer Marketing Resources streamlined the internal sales process and augmented the company’s sales with additional field representative groups. Younginer also conducted a National Market
evaluation and the focus was to create a more diverse and long term customer base. The results were a more diverse customer base in numerous new markets and customers with an over 20% increase in sales while doubling the company’s profitability!  This was accomplished while the US economy was in a downturn.

Success Stories

Younginer Marketing Resources

Younginer Marketing Resources will not only develop but implement regional or National marketing, business development, and sales programs for manufactures that desire long term profitable growth. 

​​​The goal is to develop the systems to achieve continuous growth in the desired markets with the with industry leading manufactures. This includes developing internal management and identifying and working with direct sales and other manufacturing representative agencies. This is typically done at a cost of less than one internal sales engineer and is generally term specified.