50 years in business


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Success Story #2

What started out as a straight forward die casting project, became a multi-million dollar assembly project. A global
office furniture manufacturer was developing a new product that included multiple die castings. As we evaluated the project, it became obvious that the financial impact of having our die caster manufacture the entire assembly made good economic sense.This started the process of not only making machined and plated die castings, but also procuring other components such as plastics, powder metal, screw machine components, fasteners, and also developing in-house riveting capability. In addition, we are shipping a fully assembled and packaged unit globally with a  5 day lead-time.The result was a successful sales effort to provide an assembly with over 60 components and triple the value of the project when and where the customer needs it.   

Younginer Engineered PRoducts

Younginer Engineered Products is a manufacturer's representation firm representing high performance domestic manufacturers and integrates them with long-term growth-oriented customers in Southeastern markets.

Success Story #1

Younginer Engineered Products developed and implemented a regional sales plan for a $750MM diversified manufacturer with 12 separate and unique-capability-plants located in North America. They were looking to increase their customer base with a diverse group of targeted industries. Their current customer base was heavily concentrated in very mature products that were marginally profitable and their current internally based individual plant sales force was not developing new customers and markets. The results were that in less than one year over 50 new customers were identified and numerous projects initiated. Younginer Engineered Products also secured several million dollars in highly profitable business with new customers during that time frame.