Columbia, SC

Michael Younginer received his degree in international studies with an economics minor from USC (University of South Carolina).This background aids in business development given the changes taking place in the southeastern marketplace that began in the 1980's and continue to this day, with global-based manufacturers locating here. Thirty years in business and numerous product experiences have helped give him a good foundation to work with each new project opportunity. Younginer LLC Engineered Products has respect for the marketplace, and Michael works hard to develop credibility and trust with customers.

​Michael is blessed to have his wife Bonnie who has an interior design business, and two sons - Nicholas and Christian. Michael and Bonnie are involved in many different programs at Church and in the community which include finance boards, education committees, and counseling programs. Michael’s personal interests have included creative tinkering (inventing), old cars, power lifting, architecture, religious studies, business studies, and comedic situations.
“During my years of service to YEP, I have enjoyed building new business and finding solutions that create value and benefit for everyone involved. My first program successes involved complete changes of manufacturing processes and the business models being used. We went from an attitude of cost-savings to looking at profit improvement.As a member of YEP, I continue to enrich my entrepreneurial skills and business understanding. Each member of our team continues their educational training too to have a better understanding of the business needs facing us all today.”

50 years in business