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Throughout George's life, he placed great emphasis on the desire to and an energy for helping others. To honor his legacy of giving and helping, we would like to provide these links to ministries he not only was involved in, but were very near his heart. These  ministries are effective agents in dealing with some of the issues at the core of breaking the cycles of declining education results and poverty in South Carolina. Healthy Learners, and the Center for Families: Fatherhood Initiative, are two ministries started and supported by the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine. The Sisters came to S.C. to assist in healing as they built both Providence Hospital campuses in which George’s parents (Jim and Flora) were instrumental. From humble beginnings in the 1930’s, these ministries reach out to our friends and neighbors with empowerment and for the dignity of all.

Given that Dad (George) started as a G.E. Quality Engineer, he strove for not only quality, but pride in one's work. One weekend as a USC senior, I begrudgingly helped Dad lay some railroad timber-ties. I ended up receiving a very important life lesson. After setting a stubborn and heavy railroad-tie into the side of a terrace, Dad asked me if I would sign my name to that railroad-tie.  In my most incredulous voice and attitude I asked him,

'Why would I want to sign my name to that timber-tie?'

Yes, it was not perfectly straight, the day had been long, it was hot, I wanted to do other “collegiate activities” and furthermore I didn’t really care because it was a blasted railroad-tie! Why would I want to sign my name to that board?

With a fairly poised stance, Dad retorted,

​'You should always be ready to sign your name to any labor you perform. Whatever work you do is a signature of the quality of your work and your work pride. Be proud to sign your work.'

 It was just a day to put in timber-ties. But it was the setting for me to learn how Dad wished his sons and himself would approach doing the best that we could in our work. Dad believed in high work quality from himself and the company he started.”

                                                                               -Michael Younginer

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                           An Anecdote from his son, Michael Younginer